Adoption Application

Adoption Application

*  Please note that there are mandatory fields on this form that must be filled out in order to submit the application. 

If you are having difficulty submitting the form, please review it to ensure that you have answered all questions that contain an asterisk *.

Due to the large volume of Adoption Applications that we have been receiving over the last several months, and the limited number of available dogs in rescue, we are only processing applications on a case by case basis if we have a dog in rescue that will be a match to your home and lifestyle.  Please expect that you may not hear back from us for 4-6 weeks.  We are not adopting out of province at this time.

Please read the following before applying to adopt a dog/puppy from Spirit of Hope Rescue:

In order to be considered by Spirit of Hope Rescue "hereinafter referred to as SOHR" to adopt one of our dogs or puppies you must be at least 18 years of age or older and be able to provide a safe and loving home for the dog/puppy.

SOHR reserves the right to refuse adoption for any reason. Homes are selected based on the individual needs of the dog/puppy you are applying to adopt.

Once your telephone interview and reference checks have been satisfactorily completed, a meet and greet with the dog/puppy and the foster will be arranged.  A home check must be completed before an adoption can be finalized.  All adoptions are facilitated through the Adoption Counselor.  The Adoption Contract must be completed and payment received in the full amount of the adoption fee prior to release of the dog/puppy by the rescue.

There is an adoption trial period of 2 weeks.  If for any reason during this time there is an issue with the dog/puppy fitting into your family the dog/puppy can be returned to SOHR once an appropriate foster home has been found.  A refund cheque will be provided to you (less the 50% administration fee) at the end of the month.  

The dog is not to be given away by you or anyone else, surrendered to any other rescue or shelter, or advertised for sale. The dog cannot be rehomed without the written permission of SOHR.  If you no longer want the dog, it must be returned to SOHR.  A behavioural assessment may be requested by SOHR and must be completed by a professional trainer designated by SOHR, at the owner’s expense, prior to the dog being returned to rescue.  As we are a foster based rescue and not a public shelter, it may take several days or weeks to find a placement if you decide to return your dog to rescue.  Failure to comply with these terms will result in a breach of contract and SOHR will have every right to take whatever action is necessary and permitted by law for the return of the dog/puppy to our care.  

Your adoption fee will not be returned in the case of a breach of contract.

If during a one month period following the date of your first adoption application you chose to adopt another dog/puppy from SOHR, the 50% administration fee will be applied to your second adoption.  

SOHR will provide a $50 refund upon completion of a recognized/certified obedience training course within 6 months of adoption.  Documentation including a receipt and/or certificate of completion will be required to receive the $50 refund.