Foster Application

Foster Application

*  Please note that there are mandatory fields that must be filled out in order to submit the application.

Please read the following before applying to foster a dog/puppy from Spirit of Hope Rescue:

Fosters must be in the designated foster home at all times unless authorized by Spirit of Hope Rescue "hereinafter referred to as SOHR"

Veterinary care must be authorized by SOHR, except in life-threatening situations when SOHR cannot be reached. In the case of an emergency where SOHR cannot be reached please contact Plessis Veterinary Hospital at 204-691-8838.

Dogs in foster care must be kept on a leash or in a safely fenced area at all times when outdoors.  They may not be taken to public places, parks or sidewalks unless fully vaccinated.

Foster homes are required to transport dogs to adoption events and vet appointments. If you are unable to transport the dog, please contact a member of the Foster team.

SOHR will provide food, treats, toys, and crate. If you run low on supplies you must provide SOHR with 1 week notice and be available to pick up the required supplies at the next adoption event, fundraising event or specific location. You may chose to provide any supplies at your own expense as a donation to the rescue.  You will not be reimbursed for any supplies purchased unless you have received prior authorization from a SOHR Director.

SOHR is not responsible for any damages that occur to your home while the foster is in your care.

SOHR is the legal guardian of the animal until it is adopted and ownership is legally transferred. 

Foster fails will be permitted with written consent from SOHR.

By filling out this application I agree to the following:

  • That I will ensure that the dog is never subjected to cruel or inhumane treatment (what constitutes inhumane treatment is to be determined by SOHR)
  • That I will not keep the dog chained or tied unsupervised.
  • That I will not keep the dog outside unless someone is at home.
  • That I understand that I will be required to return the dog to SOHR should it be determined that I am in violation if any part of this agreement.
  • That I understand that SOHR is the legal guardian of the foster animal and will make all decisions related to medical care, foster placement, and adoption. 
  • That I will return all equipment, food and supplies that were provided by SOHR