There's nothing more rewarding than fostering!

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in a dog's life but were not quite sure how? Why not try fostering?  Fosters are the backbone of our rescue. Without fosters, we could not do what we do. Fosters provide temporary homes to dogs of all ages who are brought into rescue until they find their forever homes.  Quite simply, fostering saves lives.

Fosters are provided with any supplies necessary to care for the dog including food, toys, treats, blankets, food dishes, kennel or x-pen and newspaper. Fosters are not required to pay for anything for the dog unless they choose to do so. 

Our rescue dogs are given a vet check upon intake prior to being placed into a foster home.  This is to assess their current health and provide the foster family with information required for the care of the dog.  Dogs must remain within the fosters yard and may not be taken for walks, or to public parks or places until fully vaccinated.

Fosters Responsibilities

Foster families provide the dogs with a home where they can learn to be well socialized, loving members of a family before going to their forever homes.  Fosters open up their hearts and their homes, love them like their own, and give them the best chance for success to find a forever home!

Fostering is a minimum 2 week commitment and lasts until the puppy/dog is adopted.  We try to match the dog to the foster home in order to ensure success.  There may be times when it takes a little longer to find the right forever home for a dog.  We try not to move a dog from home to home unless necessary as it can be stressful for the dog.  However, we do recognize that there may be times when the dog is not the right fit for a foster home and needs to be moved.  We make every effort to find another placement as soon as possible. 

We ask that fosters attend vet appointments, adoption events and facilitate meets/home checks with applicants.  We also ask that fosters provide us with updates and photos on their dog's training, personality and progress. Once the dog is adopted, we ask that any equipment and supplies provided by the rescue is promptly returned.

All adoptions are facilitated through the Adoption Coordinator.  Adoption applicants are pre-screened and have had a telephone interview and reference checks completed prior to being approved to meet a dog.  We welcome input from fosters on the suitability of a home however, SOHR has the final say on all adoptions.

Fosters may apply to adopt their foster dog with permission from the rescue.

SOHR Fosters

We have a private page on Facebook for our fosters called SOHR Fosters.  It is a resource and communication tool to provide information and support to those that choose to foster with SOHR.  It's also a great way to build camaraderie within our organization and exchange information!

If you're interested in joining our team by becoming a foster, please fill out the Foster Application by clicking on the button below.